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16 June 2026 @ 06:40 pm

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welcome to my lj~..
I have some friend locked video of johnny's net, takkichannel, and Jr Meikan~~
please be free to add me~!!
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30 March 2026 @ 02:23 am
What is Love-tune?
sooooooo~ it was at March 4, the ballot result for Johnny's Ginza (Crea) 2016 being announced. Well, I was sad because from 5 ballots I apply I didn't win any. Buuuuut~ I can't be sad any longer when it's annouced the name of the group Keigo in it. yeah, Crea Group C with the member consist of Hagiya Keigo, Morita Myuto, Yasui Kentaro, and Sanada Yuma got their group name, Love-tune. I'm so happy in tears for the fact finally after all this year Keigo be on no group, which he was so sad until telling in magazine article that he wants to stand in the same position as the other Juniors that have group /what else can break your heart more than this/ *tears* Keigo got his group together with all my biases hahahaha aaaandd moreover there is Myuto in it!! My hagimyu soul feel so blessed *crying for happiness*

soooo here is I introduce you my boys <333

I'm soooo happy<333 I love them all. I guess there is no one happier than I am if they debut as this group. hahaha
If they do, I swear I'll be a royal fangirl like "shut up just take my money" I'll buy whatever they release LOLOL

Even this group haven't become official Jr unit, but it won't diminish my gratefulness. I do really happy. But well, just like Keigo said on his magazine article, he can't be whirled up because the serious matter is just about to begin. So as Keigo's dedicated fan I'll definitely do as he said. I won't be whirled up, just being grateful :)


guess whaaatt, Love-tune finally become an official Jr unit!! yaaaayy..
that was on Shokura Spring Break Special 20160330, Yasui got his opportunity to introduce Love-tune to the world yaaaaayyyy~~

and alsooo, at the performance, it's already stated Love-tune name at their performance OMFG IM BEYOND HAPPY

sooo here it is, if you want to know how was the introducing part hehehhe

[Love-tune] Jikoshokai Shokura 20160330 MEGA

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Ganbatte Keigo, my love and support always here for you :***
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As the same matter for the sake of Hagiya Keigo's future fans, I cut some performances of Fuma solo concert last year. Full video all thanks to my beloved bigbang_mint for ripping it in super best quality, love you much baby :*** I'm about to buy the DVD too when no one shared this video after about two weeks from it's release day. But then it comes my savior bigbang_mint shares it, once again thank you so much :***
Actually there is Keigo for almost in the whole video, but I guess I'd love to cut some performance I like hihiy, so here it is.

Fu is a Doll - FaKe MEGA
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Full video credit to bigbang_mint
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23 March 2016 @ 12:52 am
I barely have time to be a fulltime fangirl tho I'm kinda total active in my twitter, so when I got much free time like now, I decided to do some cut again for my beloved lovely Hagiya Keigo. Well, eventhough it be like once in a half year I'm doing this cut which means so out of dated, but I sincerely do this for the sake of Keigo's future fans. hahaha
so here it is, Keigo's Shokura performance cut which haven't been cut by ryukeigolover and shared in hagiya_keigo from the last time I do cut till now.

Shokura 2015.08.05 Karekano MEGA

Shokura 2015.08.05 Take Over - Finally Over MEGA
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full file credit to 6jrbakaleyafc thank you so much for sharing

and oh, I heard Shokura SP Haruyasumi will be aired next week,  I bet I will cut it too if I got time and internet connection hahaha
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02 March 2016 @ 07:24 am
yuhuuu, I'm back hahaha

it's been over a year I did not update this blog, hehehe gomenasai nee~
and, this week, finally, yes FINALLY it's Keigo's turn to be appear in Gogo Smile Lucky Item corner hahaha
it's been a looong awaiting since Yassu, Myuto, and Sanapi been already got their turn in the very first of the beginning of this corner.. /happytears

soo, here it is I want to share the cuteness of Hagiya Keigo on Gogo Smile, and because this week hasn't over sooo..
here is Keigo on Monday and Tuesday's Gogo Smile. and for the rest I wish I have time to post it as well hehehe /kick

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As I promised, im back to share Keigo's cut clip of the latest shokuraaa~~
here we go

Shonen Club 2015.07.08 Love Holiday MEDIAFIRE

Shonen Club 2015.07.08 Kitto Daijyoubu MEDIAFIRE

Full file credit to 6jrbakaleyafc thank you so much for sharing.

bonuuss #asalways #kicked

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04 July 2015 @ 06:23 am
Ehm, I'm sorry for posting this here, hahaha
I love to sing, maybe you would love to here it #kicked

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Just as the same matter as my last post, I decide to cut some clips of Keigo from 2015 Shonen Club.

Shounen Club 2015.07.01 Za-ABCZ MEDIAFIRE

Shonen Club 2015.06.10 Gloria MEDIAFIRE

Shonen Club 2015.05.13 Boku wa Vampire MEDIAFIRE

Full file credit to shokura and 6jrbakaleyafc and some clips credit to tomapiya
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I am visiting Hagiya Keigo community a few days ago and found it kinda a bit quiet, so...... though it's kinda late, too much, but I believe that this post would be so helpful for Keigo's future fans hahaha
so I cut some clips of Keigo on the latest or you can call it for now (even I wish that would be aired again next time after Gamushara Summer Station over) the last Gamushara Js Party.

2015.03.07 Gamushara J's Party!! Vol.8 Kickin' It MEDIAFIRE

2015.03.21Gamushara Js Party!! Vol.8 Kiss Your Mind MEDIAFIRE

2015.03.21Gamushara Js Party!! Vol.8 Unmei GIrl MEDIAFIRE

Full file credit to 6jrbakaleyafc and thanks to my lovely tomapiya for the copies :**
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Late post for Myuto,  please keep shinign together with Keigo :)

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